Workshops & Keynotes

Agile Project Management

Scrum, Kanban, Agile … we all know these techniques from software development. They’re powerful. And not just in that context. 

Learn how to apply Scrum to classical project management – and how it’ll make you more efficient! 

Social Entrepreneurship

What comes to mind when you think of “social entrepreneurship”? Probably that it’s not as profitable, not as cool as “normal” entrepreneurship. 

But the world doesn’t need another software as a service, or a new social network. What it needs is sustainable impact. And that can be made through the power of social entrepreneurship – while growing as fast as a “unicorn” startup from Silicon Valley. 

As co-founder of Linguedo, I’ve made plenty of experiences and mistakes in this environment. Let me inspire you. 

Software Tools

Every company wants to be innovative. But how are you going to be innovative if your software tools are from the 2000s? 

That’s going to be difficult. At Linguedo, we play around a lot with different tools (Salesforce, G Suite, JIRA, Zapier, to name a few) – and so far, they’ve proven to be very valuable! Let me show you in a workshop how to design your software suite in a way that makes you more efficient.