Hi, I'm Dominik.

Entrepreneur. Athlete. Writer. Speaker.
Welcome to my website. I build and grow companies, play Lacrosse and read lots of books. Doing that, I learn a thing or two - and I love sharing them.

Who are you …

I’m a polymath. Jack of all trades, master of many. I’ve built businesses in healthcare, mobility and development aid, and am currently on a mission to bring digital communications to schools all over Europe with Sdui. 

In my free time, I play Lacrosse, lift weights and sprint to become the best athlete I can be. I read, I write, I make cocktails and drink cold beers with friends and people I just met. 

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… and what do you do?

I believe that everyone can work more efficiently to achieve their goals. My goal is to empower others to do what they want in life. That’s why I’m here. 


During my time with several social startups (One Dollar Glasses, enactus, Linguedo, Flixbus) I’ve learned a lot. Paired with high-level athletics, I provide a unique perspective on working differently.



In my companies and departments, we manage things a bit differently. What things? Projects. Processes. People. Time.  In my workshops, you can learn how to apply these management techniques too. 



I built a company that brings unemployed nurses from Italy to Germany and developed a completely new German course while at it. After a brief stint with the Talent Investor Entrepreneur First, I now bring digital communications to schools all over Europe as the Head of International at Sdui. 


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Life Lessons, fresh off the press

Life is intense. We learn a lot living it. To reflect on what’s happening in this crazy world, I write about it. 

Once a month, I send out a collection of posts I’ve written, books I’ve read and enjoyed, things I’ve experienced and mental models I’ve started using. Easy to read, no bullshit, just food for thought to make you a more effective person.

You may like it. Give it a shot.